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Website Design and Development

Welcome to Go2Websites. We offer website design & development and custom website design solutions for businesses and people Internationally. We host Domains, setup and maintain hosting services and develop add-On's.

Website design - If its WordPress, We have you covered.

Go2Websites. We design, We develop and We maintain websites

Our Services

Website Design

In a mobile world the chances are that your website is seen on a mobile device before a desktop is +-60%. We encourage our clients to try and keep content relevant and responsive so that the mobile and desktop experience match.

Do It Yourself

Sometimes you know enough to not pay for a service that you can do, but you need a little help… Website Options

If you want it built right and then want to drive, this is for you.


This is where you business or project get that special touch the way you want it.. WordPress Options

If you want it built right and designed then, this is for you.


This is where you business or project takes it to the next level… Advanced Website Options

If you want it custom built right, designed and performance tested, this is for you.

We all love to design 🙂 but do you have the Tools and Experience?

Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website and it assets is often time consuming and lets face it you hardly every get around to doing it although you might know how to. Some of the things that really do need weekly/monthly updating are:

  • WordPress Versions

  • Plugins

  • Removing clutter

  • Clearing Cache and Bugs

  • Speed Optimisation

  • SEO Improvement

Its nice to have a company take this off your hands and knowing at the end of the day the job is getting done right, the first time.

Sometimes you know how to build a house 😉 but do you have time?

Website Development
  • 01
    Wordpress Websites
    • With over 100+ websites developed, we know how to solve problems and maintain the Wordpress system with efficiency. Wordpress Options
  • 02
    • Domains are the starting blocks for anything online. Having a trusted knowledgeable provider makes this process stress free. We host domains on servers in Europe and South Africa. Domain Options
  • 03
    • Awesome websites have the best hosting and support. We partner with Xneelo as our base and with servers in Europe and South Africa we offer unlimited Wordpress Hosting packages to clients worldwide. Hosting Options
  • 04
    Email Addresses
    • For personal or business, a unique email address is important. Simple log in online, and connections to all you devices email software. Safe and Secure at Xneelo's Data Centers and Go2Websites behind your wheel. Email Options
Online Maintenance

Ready to revamp your websites look?

We offer a variety of designs to choose from including new features!

New Website Process

For Your New Beginning
Choose a Domain
Your domain can be anything you like as long as its available. If you have purchase a domain elsewhere then we would highly recommend transferring the domain onto our servers - Don't worry we also provide Emails on all Hosting accounts 🙂
Select a Design or Concept
The next step would be to show us what other websites you like and what features you would like to see. We would then recommend some styled themes to which you can make a selection. For custom themes we would go into more detail.
Provide Content
Give us all the information you would like on your website. If you do not have the required images and content we do outsource some great photographers and content writers.
Final Draft
Once we have completed what we feel is the final draft, we send open the website up for final approval and upon excitement we make the final requested changes if need be.
Website Launch
Ok your site is live, now we fine tune some background settings, SEO and make sure your contact form works and the mobile responsiveness lines up beautifully.

Looking for maintenance?

We can maintain all your websites and online accounts
WordPress, Emails, Hosting, Domains, Social Media - We have you covered.

Go2Websites has been servicing clients worldwide since 2009

Lets Work Together

We Also Offer Maintenance Per Hour Services