Website maintenance services

Maintaining a healthy WordPress ecosystem involves more than just the initial setup; it necessitates regular content updates. Having a well maintained website only keeps your audience engaged but also ensures you are always live and on the latest software and plugin versions.

We provide a comprehensive updating service that lets you send us changes needed, and also incudes keeping the ecosystem up to date and backed up.

We offer the following WordPress maintenance services:

Monthly maintenance

  • 2 hours worth of changes any time/day
  • Updating of all plugins
  • WordPress checkup, update and backup

Monthly WordPress maintenance starting at:

  • R800/monthly

Biannual maintenance

  • 2 hours worth of changes at renewal
  • Updating of all plugins
  • WordPress checkup, update and backup

Biannual WordPress maintenance starting at:

  • R2500/biannually

We are quite proficient at editing & developing on most page builders/editors,
so we hardly ever use up a clients quota of 2 hours.

If changes > 2 hours = add 1 hour top-up. Its simple and honest!

Host with us and save!

  • 1 year hosting
  • 2 hours updates at renewal

Managed WordPress website hosting.

Hourly Consulting

  • All things Wordpress, Hosting and Search

For any other features or large accounts please contact us for a custom quote.

More information of about what we update for you.

Content Updates

If you have any changes that need to be made, we do that for you!
Simple no fuss, yes we can! Some changes you might have include:

   *  Updating any text or links on any page  
   *  Changing/editing any image/s
   *  Adding new rows and columns for content
   *  Additional simple pages
   *  Diagnostics and improvements 

WordPress Core

   *  Check and update WordPress core
   *  Check the Website Site health and update if needed
   *  Backup entire website 

Plugin Updates

   *  Update each plugin individually
   *  Debug faulty plugins
   *  Fixing or replacing outdated version or plugins

All other maintenance is performed and if needed a itemised report can be provided on request.

Having someone who can update your content swiftly ensures your online presence stays dynamic and competitive.

Website Development, Maintenance and Hosting Services

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When you need WordPress help! Look no further.

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