Why i started my Website Business – Part 1

A little glimpse into the day i decided that i was to start a website business.

On that day a long time ago, having just discovered the difficulty of relying on a hosting provider to be available when you need them was becoming a nightmare. I had just signed up for a ultimate hosting account package on Godaddy who got me to click there clever advert, and was developing my own photography website. It was in the weeks to come that i realised that developing on this new WordPress system was easier than i thought, or should i say i just understood with little difficulty how it all worked. So Godaddy being overseas was not the easiest to communicate with, or poses the local South African simplistic need i wanted in a provider.

I soon found a company called Hetzner at that time, and got to speaking to their support staff about moving my site over. I mentioned i would like to do some more websites for family or friends in the future so my hosting package would need to cater for personal asset growth. I sear it was not even the end of the day after moving my website onto their services that i decided that i wanted to offer this services to others. At this point i had already had 6 months experience on WordPress that had only been out for a year or so. My friend was in charge of one big website that used DNN and many an afternoon was spent trying to convince him that DNN was old and he should start playing with WordPress. 1 year later we both had our own hosting accounts and were developing websites with WordPress.

As 2 man team we grew and offered the one thing i always wanted in a provider, being there when most needed and doing an online task with a great response time. I dont know if its a South African thing but we want things to be simple and done right with no fuss – lekka (as we encounter alot of the opposite, i mean alot.)… more in part 2

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