Website Design and Development

Web Design and Development is like finding the perfect pair of gloves.

Go2Websites offers many different packages to cater to any person or business in order to find the perfect fit. For the person with a small budget and plenty of tech skills, we offer our DIY package so you can put in the hard work with just an assist from our team. Standard website packages are perfect for the startup hoping to grow in the future and our Custom Pro package is for the corporate, or professional business owners.

If you are unsure of which package is best suited for you, don't hesitate to contact us and let us guide you through the process.

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Do it yourself

Sometimes you know enough to not pay for a service that you can do, but you need a little help, guidance and a few tips that will get you going. So lets unfold this package and what it will do for you:

  • Domain (Through us or your own provider)
  • Hosting (Through us or your own provider)
  • WordPress install & setup
  • Theme install (You choose, we assist)
  • Plugin installs
  • Contact form setup

Why WordPress?

Because we love it and its reputation speaks for itself.

Domain Costs?

Domains cost around R100 (.co.za) R200 (.com) per year if you register them yourself. We manage your domain for only R100 a year, in case you don’t need the fuss.

Do i need Hosting?

Domains and websites need a hosting account. If you not interested in this we offer managed hosting accounts so you need not worry.


Think of themes as a look and style for your website that consists of a range of functions and styles that showcase your content.

What are plugins?

They are software components that add specific features to your website

What will Go2Websites help with

Think of this as a class or short course. Knowledge is power and we want you to have it.

More information about the Do it yourself website package

Domains (.co.za & .com)
Help purchasing, configuring and utilising your domain for what you need it to do. We use a very good provider that makes it easy to manage and gives you great support if you wish to have your own account. We can however handle this for you and eliminate this type of maintenance and you simply receive an annual invoice for the renewal.

If you choose to have your own account we can guide you in what is needed and point you to practical examples of how to manage your hosting account. Essentially the main purpose of a hosting account is to store your database and website files. If you would rather not dive into this pond then we can provide this service with annual billing.

WordPress Install & Setup
Once you have decided on the above, we show you how everything is installed and configuration files are filled in, then proceed to getting your wordpress site ready for front end use. Due to the fast moving pace of the internet some basic plugins and features will be needed to improve your back-end experience. Should you not wish to know about all this, we wont take offence and this cost is included in the package price.

Theme install
The WordPress repository has thousands of free themes to choose from. Most of the free themes are great to get you started but paid themes from reputable design companies are always a better starting option. We can assist in the installation and go through how the theme controls the content of your website. Most of the times each theme is done differently and knowing where to change a specific piece of info on your site becomes tricky.. We help you understand where, what and how content is edited. If you have no need to know this then we recommend you choose our standard website package.

Plugin installs
Most paid themes come with helpful plugins built in so being able to use them efficiently is something you will have to learn from us. We also help you choose the plugins that you require for your website. Once you have mastered the use and management of all your plugins you are ready to start populating your website. As all plugins are essentially software they will require updating so if this is something you have no desire in doing, you can sign up for our website maintenance option that leaves you worry free and keeps you only on what is needed to be updated.

Contact form setup
As it  sounds, we help you configure a form plugin to allow viewers to contact you

Website Package


This is our most popular offering. In summary we help you choose a look and feel while you provide us with all your content and pictures. We make this process as simple as we can to allow you not to have to worry. One point of contact for all your website needs and a package that is affordable.

  • Domain (Through us or your own provider)
  • Hosting (Through us only)
  • WordPress install & setup
  • Theme install (We provide options, you select)
  • Plugin installs
  • Contact form setup

Why host with Go2Websites

We know who will be the best and fastest provider, so we use them.

Look and Feel

We make sure your brand/identity is strong and your websites intention is clearly present in the design.

Do i need to hire a designer?

No, this package includes some basic design work for your website banners and spaces that need it.

Do i get emails

Yes, all our hosting accounts allow you plenty of mailboxes and online webmail access.


We would prefer if you supply your own pictures but we have been known to make our own or you could purchase some stock images from our choices.

Custom Form?

We customise your form to exactly what you want to appear in your inbox with the use of check boxes, radio buttons, uploads and some if-then logic.

More information about the Standard website package

Information coming soon

Website Package


So this is where in summary you get what you want. Most themes and websites tend to look stale and similar to your competitors. The Custom Website Package will allow you to fully customise the way your site functions and looks by adding various plugin and coded solutions to meet your sites objectives.

  • Domain (Through us or your own provider)
  • Hosting (Through us only)
  • WordPress install & setup
  • Theme install (We provide options, you select)
  • Plugin installs (Customised to your needs)
  • Contact form/s setup
  • Additional Features (Based on needs analysis)

More information about the Custom website package

Information coming soon

Lets Work Together

We Also Offer Maintenance Per Hour Services