Email Addresses

Email is an essential form of communication in the world today. Not only is the email address important, but the correct structure of your business email list will give your recipients a clear indication of which area or department they are dealing with.

A typical list will include:

Easy integration with all major email applications
Easy setup on all major email applications such as Outlook, Apple mail, Thunderbird and many others. We also provide support in this regard including setup, forwarding and migration.
Access your email from any location or computer

Having access to your business email from any location or computer insures that you are always in touch with your customers. All your business email addresses will be available on “” for a web-login format

Enough storage space to keep all of your emails
Each email address has 7 gigabytes of storage space. This means that you wouldn’t have to delete any emails for years to come. In the unlikely event that you need more storage space, this can be easily arranged.
Easy mobile device integration
Having your emails streamed through to your mobile device can serve as a very powerful business weapon. Responding to important emails in a timeous fashion greatly increases productivity and also shows how serious you are about your business.

Custom email is when you want to be really unique online

A typical list will include:

You can also purchase an email address at some of the domains we own and have purchased over the years, some of them include:
topmom, topdad, sexyemail, somebeach, coffeecat, devigner, twosexy, boskak, sexybabe, hotemail, and many more funny and unique domains. Full list coming soon